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Incline Jogathon Saves PE Wellness Program

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Physical Education and Wellness Parent Organization is a non-profit started by Sarah McMahan, who is also the current President. The purpose of this organization is to raise funds to support the Physical Education and Wellness programs at Incline public schools as they are no longer receiving district funding. If funds are not raised to employ the PE teacher, Sarah’s boys, who are at the elementary school, would not have a PE program!

Scientific research supports the connection between physical activity and improved brain function and performance. Our goal is create a culture of fitness within our school. We want our students to be healthy and productive participants in their education. A student who is active and fit will be more alert and engaged in the process of learning. This is accomplished though our comprehensive PE program.

On September 30th, the parent organization held a main Jog-a-thon fundraiser and raised $40,000 toward our cause! Sarah was one of the many volunteers who helped make this event a huge success. Kids were challenged to run as many laps as they could in 30 minutes, with prizes awarded to the top female and male runners in each grade.

Attached are a few pictures from the Jog-a-thon:

[Photo of Noah McMahan jogging to raise funds] 4th-quarter-2016-jogathon-noah-mcmahan

[Photo of Josiah McMahan with the girls]


Here is a link where anyone can donate online to support physical education and wellness in Incline Village public schools! Please support to help continue the Incline Elementary School PE and Wellness program.

[By Sarah McMahan]

5K for Bolivia Life Center Orphans

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Brian Whalen, on October 8th, sponsored a 5K run in Florida to support the Bolivia orphanage.

Here is what Brian had to say: “The cool thing about the 5k is that everyone around the world commits to doing it at the same time every year no matter where they are. So, my lovely wife, Leigh Ann and I headed out from our home, stepping over the fallen branches from Hurricane Matthew the night before. We thought and talked about & prayed for all the Bolivian orphans who are being cared for and will be cared for.”

What motivated Brian to do this?
Three years ago, Brian took a 26 hour trip to Bolivia with his wife -Leigh Ann, high school son, & a group of students from their church.

They spent time at the Bolivia Life Center (BLC) that is home for over 40 young orphan boys who had been abused & abandoned. The BLC provides a safe place for the boys, feeds them, & gives them an education & vocational skills to help them become a productive part of the community.

[Photo below- from left to right- Brian Whalen and the boys] 4th-quarter-brian-whalen-5-k-support-bolivia-children

Brian, his family and team, spent 5 days working, cleaning & painting, but mostly just loving on those boys who really need it. Every year there is a 5k walk to raise money for this wonderful cause. It is their goal to raise more money & get more participants each year to help impact these lives.

Lastly, he would love to open this up to our colleagues to donate all year long, and not just during the 5k.

Brian thanks everyone for their help in matching our donation and others from CVI for this 5k prayer run/walk held on October 8th.
[By Brian Whalen]

Kiko – Amy Merrill’s Adopted Giraffe in Kenya

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For part of Amy Merrill’s Project Manager of the Year award, the CVI employees and Amy are fostering Kiko, an orphaned giraffe at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. Though Amy fosters two orphaned baby elephants, Ndotto and Mwashoti, she decided as a group to foster Kiko.
The goal of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is to save lives and eventually, after years of rehabilitation and guidance, for these elephants and other wildlife to live free in one of the protected parks in Kenya. Some elephant graduates come back to visit their keepers, even bringing back their new baby with them. This is a far cry from the humans they saw kill their mother and families in front of them for their ivory.

Kiko was found alone on Sept 19, 2015 estimated to be just one week old, and had been rescued by KWS rangers on the Meru National Park boundary. His mother was not found nor were there other giraffes seen in the area. This area is known for human wildlife conflict.
Quick Facts about KIKO

Gender Male Date of Birth Sunday, September 13, 2015
Location Found Meru National Park boundary
Age on Arrival One-week old
Comments on Place Found Found all alone without his mother or other giraffes nearby
Reason for being Orphaned Reason Unknown


He was flown to the Nairobi Nursery by Sky Vet, sparing him what would have been a grueling and very hot seven to eight-hour journey by road. This was the first time The DSWT Keepers had been involved in the rescue of an orphaned giraffe; they were fully briefed about the necessity to ensure the giraffe’s head remained upright at all times throughout the flight. On this occasion the usual elephant-rescue tarpaulin had to be modified into a make-shift cradle and throughout the entire procedure the little giraffe was seemingly totally resigned to whatever lay in store for him.


Sitting quietly with his neck sticking out, he calmly surveyed the scene, making no attempt whatsoever to break free as he was carried and loaded onto the plane. Airlifting him to Nairobi involved a one-hour flight, thus sparing him the grueling journey. Upon arrival at the Nairobi Nursery, he was still amazingly trusting and even affectionate, happy to fraternize with the men who had rescued him – the veterinary team, the pilot, the Keepers, or whoever else happened to be passing by.

He has been named Kiko, a name from Meru National Park where he was found, and he is now very much in the Nursery fold, not only with the company of his Keepers whom he loves but also some feathered friends in the form of Pea and Pod (orphaned ostriches) and the two latest little elephant arrivals. Both Weiwei and Loboito love to spend time under his belly resting their trunks on his side and neck, which he happily tolerates. Kiko is extremely playful these days with limbs splaying in all directions he hurtles around the car park and in the open forested glades letting off steam.

Kiko today

For more information and/or to become a foster parent, please visit this website, you will be glad you did!

Amy Merrill

Ragnar 2016: Top Fun and Fund Raising!

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[Photo above left to right: Joe Kozub, Conrad Smith, Fabiana LaBauve, Erik Peterson, Mike Finley, and Nicci Hammerel]

Corporate Visions has sponsored an extreme relay event since 2011. In 2016, Team Filthy Soles, rose to up the challenge of the Pacific Northwest Passage to raise money for twelve charities. Each of 12 runners runs three legs of varying lengths over the course of the run.



Thanks to our many donors
($32,920 – top fun and fund raising team)

Our donations supported: St. Baldrick’ Foundation, Golden Rainbow of Nevada, FamilyWorks, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Children’s Home of Reading, Bridges to Prosperity, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, World’s Window, Oregon Humae Society, The AARK Wildlife Rehab & Research Center, Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, and Back on My Feet.

Many thanks to our runners: Mike Finley, Nicci Hammerel, Conrad Smith, Joe Kozub, Sean Leahy, Erik Peterson, Fabiana LaBauve, Mary Pacell, Jeannie
Each Ragnar Relay is approximately 200 miles (320 kilometers) in distance, with races lasting two days and one night. The Pacific Northwest Passage starts at the “Peace Arch” at the US/Canadian border and winds south 196 miles along the Puget Sound, ending on Whidbey Island. and Jeff Clidence, Dustin Ring, Devon and Christian Smith.
Many thanks to our volunteers: Lauren Upton, Bill Patterson, and Tatsuo (a.k.a. “Tat Tat”) Yazaki
Thanks for the Graphic Support: Justin Barry

June 2-3 Pennsylvania RAGNAR
[By Conrad Smith]

See a few photos of the team having so much fun!

[Photo left to right: Mary Pacell, Sean Leahy, and Erik Peterson]

[Photo left to right: Tatsuo Yazaki, Conrad Smith, Jeannie Clidence]

[Photo left to right: Christian and Devon Smith]

[Photo left to right: Erik P, Jeannie C, Mike F, and Conrad]

[Photo left to right: Fabiana, Lauren Upton, Erik, Tatsuo, Conrad, Jeannie and Devon]

[Photo: Dustin Ring!]

[Photo: Jeff C, Devon, and Conrad] 3rd-quarter-2016-ragnar-scenic-boat-ride

[Photo: Awesome CVI Team! Front row- left to right: Jeff and Jeannie Clidence, Nicci, Dustin, Joe K, and Fabiana. Back row: left to right-Devon Smith, Mary, Conrad, Mike F, Christian Smith, Sean and Erik] 3rd-quarter-2016-ragnar-group-green-tee

Corporate Visions’ CFO Leads the CVI Team Up Mt. Tam!

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Corporate Visions, Inc. sponsors team for a 7 mile Peak Hike for Breast Cancer Fund on Sunday, September 25th, up Mt. Tam in Marin County, California, with Meghan Peddicord, Director of Contracts/Legal Affairs, as Team Captain, and Gloria Fan, CFO as lead trekker and top fundraiser.

Others joining the team from CVI were Kevin Guthrie, Executive Vice President in Sales and his entire family- wife, Molly and their four lovely daughters, Ellie, Chloe, Quinn, Grace, and Francisco Ramirez, representing CVI/IT Department.

[See photo below three Guthrie children- Ellie, Quinn and Chloe with CVI Peak Hike tee shirts]


Tara Kott of UCSF, oncology nurse and breast cancer survivor, and Laurel Botsford, of San Rafael Elks Lodge #1108, were invited to join the team as well. Each of them represented their respective organizations.
Together, the three organizations [CVI, Elks and UCSF] raised $4845 in less than a month.

Volunteers for this event included Candace Emmer and Saul Macias of SharedHR. Candace helped with guiding where trash should be deposited and Saul helped direct parking of cars for easy accessibility.

[Photo below of Candace overseeing trash] 3rd-quarter-2016-peak-hike-candace-emmer-sept-25-2016

Breast Cancer Funds’ Mission statement is:
Help us expose and eliminate the environmental causes of Breast Cancer. Together we can stop the disease before it starts.”

Here are comments from a few of the hikers:

Meghan: “This is the third annual breast cancer hike by CVI out of the Northern California offices. Every year, we raise more money than the year before and we always have a blast together on the hike! This has become a wonderful tradition. I look forward to next years’ hike!”

Francisco: “They had awards and announced our company name twice and thanked Corporate Visions for not just fundraising but for participating in the hike as well.

We stayed to listen to some of the great inspiring stories of breast cancer survivors and how the fundraising has helped shape awareness in the chemicals put into products we use daily. How we can use products that are safer for our loved ones and how they hope that companies will continue to voluntarily label the products to help consumers reduce certain chemicals.

It was great to see the passion they had and how they are trying to reach out to help as many people as they can.”

Tara: Many thanks for inviting me to hike with the CVI Team. I enjoyed meeting everyone and being part of such a great group of people!

The Peak Hike was a winner: Easy parking, friendly volunteer staff and sponsors, scenic, well-marked course, excellent catering by Whole Foods after the hike, and a really good presentation re: BCF’s mission after the hike. And, I love my 2 new t-shirts ! Please count me in for next year’s team!

Gloria, thanks for being my hiking partner! Really fun chatting with you. It made the uphill parts so much easier.

Laurel: “Wow, what a day! Setting off from Santos Meadow, the group started the walk all together and we thinned out along the way, until we walked in twos or in small groups, all…the…way…to…the…top… of the ridge. Puff, puff, puff I went, while the others all seemed to float effortlessly up the grade, including Francisco who, however, stayed with me all the way! Redwoods and eucalyptus, beautiful vistas as the forest cleared and wonderful views of both bay and ocean at the half way point. Coming down is always effortless for me and we joined the Corporate Visions group at the finish line where bells greeted each walker who finished. Fantastic Day! Now let’s see how the body feels tomorrow. Look forward to next year!”

For more information on Breast Cancer Fund, a national organization, go to:

Stay tuned for next year’s Peak Hike date and consider joining us!
[By Charlotte Kobayashi]

Larkspur Crew Assists at 6th Annual Ukulele Fest in San Rafael

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On Sunday, September 25th, three CVI employees from the Larkspur Office volunteered at the 6th Annual Pikohana Ukulele Competition held in San Rafael, California at San Rafael Elks Lodge’s Terrace.

Children and adults are encouraged to compete by singing, playing songs of all genre, with monetary prizes offered to the top 3 performers in both categories.

Lynn Zambrano, her adorable daughter, Sophie, and Teresa Kwan helped Chef Joe Tato in the kitchen to prepare Hawaiian food- shredded pork with cabbage, ginger-teriyaki chicken with rice, macaroni salad plus a green salad. A typical Hawaiian plate lunch one could purchase from a truck stand by Kailua or Sunset Beach on Oahu. Lynn helped chop vegetables and Teresa helped to serve 50-60 plate lunches sold for $10.00!

[See photo of Lynn, Teresa, and Chef Joe Tato below]


Here are comments from Lynn and Teresa about their volunteer experiences:

Lynn: “I enjoyed working with Chef Joe Tato, to learn how to prepare authentic Hawaiian food! He showed me how to prepare Kalua pig & cabbage, and Hawaiian macaroni & potato salad which he explained he learned growing up in Hawaii. I also enjoyed seeing the young ukulele players and Hula dancers! It was an amazing event and I hope they were able to raise enough money for the two schools they are looking to support.”

Teresa: “It was a fun experience serving the food that I learned what was the best way to put the food in the plate and still had room for the salad on the side.”

For more information on Ukulele Friends Ohana and additional photos, go to New postings found every Friday.

[By Charlotte Kobayashi]

CVI and Family Day at KAH

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Another fun day at Kids Against Hunger for CVI in Pleasanton, and even some family members who attended! We were a group of 12 people that packed 3,456 meals in just 2 hours!

KAH is an organization on a mission to reduce hunger in children in the US and around the globe. This is CVI’s 4th visit to KAH, and we will keep going back because the work is fun, team oriented, and rewarding. This year, CVI has packed a total of 14,043 bags of meals – about 6000 more bags to reach our goal of 20,000 bags packed for 2016.

We are ready to go back again and again to help this great organization!
[By Jaime Farrar]

Tigglewinkles Rescue in UK

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St. Tiggywinkles is a charity based in rural Buckinghamshire which cares for sick and injured wild animals. They take in around 10,000 animals a year, including red kites, deer and hares.

Helen Atkinson has recently been accepted as a foster carer for orphaned hedgehogs. She was able to care for them in her home for a period of six weeks, from mid-June to end of July.
Tigglewinkles - 3 of them

In the UK hedgehogs used to be a regular visitor to our gardens and allotments. However, due to climate change and the reduction of our countryside, figures show that their numbers have declined since the 1950s from around 36 million to just over 1 million. The adults are often killed or injured on roads or by garden/farming equipment and the youngsters abandoned. Helen takes in litters of up to 4 animals, which require syringe feeding several times a day. Once they are able to feed themselves, they are taken back to Tiggywinkles to an outside pen until they reach such a weight that they can be released back into the wild.
[By Helen Atkinson]

CVI helps ‘Stuff the Bus’ for United Way

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On August 18th, CVI employees joined forces to help the United Way of Bucks County with their Stuff the Bus campaign to provide backpacks and school supplies to children in need throughout Bucks County.

The effort started six weeks ago when CVI employees started collecting school supplies at the Doylestown office. An online registry was created to help make purchasing easy and items were shipped directly to the office. This ensured a variety of supplies was collected, including folders, notebooks, binders, crayons, highlighters, glue sticks, index cards, and over 900 pencils.
Another collage with pencils

On the big day, everyone organized and separated the supplies into boxes. We counted each item, then created a list of how many of each item would go in all the backpacks, which were divided into two groups: smaller backpacks for elementary students and larger ones for middle- and high school students.
Counting spiral booklets first
The team worked together to ensure each age group got appropriate supplies. After that, we stuffed the bags. Everyone worked together efficiently and swiftly while listening to 80s and 90s tunes and reminiscing about their own days at school. Sabina Frison took on the task to count out all the pencils for each bag to help make packing go smoothly. Eric Nitschke disassembled unused binders from an old client project for a surprise addition to the teen backpacks. All 77 backpacks were stuffed in 2 hours!

This entire project was a large group effort across CVI with Cassie Galster who did staged and coordinated the entire process. In addition to the team from Doylestown, Lisa Slen, Diane Frate and Sabina Frision joined us from Darien CT, along with Charlotte Kobayashi from Larkspur, CA. CVI Power Foundation purchased 60 backpacks to give us a jump start on the collection drive. The 17 additional backpacks and all supplies were purchased by CVI employees, including Brent Alwood, Evan O’Donnell, Patti Fiore, Jim Jordan, Sean Leahy, Paul Lowe, and Mary Pacell.
Stuff the Bus collage 4 best photo
The United Way works with all 13 school districts in the county. “16% of kids struggle to have their basic needs met,” says Jamie Haddon, CEO of United Way of Bucks County. “For these kids, things we may consider ‘basics’ like school supplies, can be hard to come by.” Jamie came to pick up the bags in person and was truly in awe of the group’s accomplishment. CVI looks forward to helping United Way again next year.
[By Cassie Galster]

Make Over for the Bracknell Rugby Club

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Here is Emma McCarthy at the local rugby club on June 26, 2016. As the season has ended the club is in need of a coat of paint, bushes to be trimmed, area cleaning, rugby posts fixing, BBQ area rebuilt and painted and many many more jobs. This was an open weekend encouraging parents and kids at the club to volunteer their time to help out with many tasks to make the club a better place ready for the new season in September. Emma is a huge part of the club as she also volunteers to manage and run admin for the U9’s rugby team.

She had a great morning fixing the boards and painting the boundary for pitch 1, just a few hours work made so much difference 
[By Emma McCarthy]