Corporate Visions’ CFO Leads the CVI Team Up Mt. Tam!

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Corporate Visions, Inc. sponsors team for a 7 mile Peak Hike for Breast Cancer Fund on Sunday, September 25th, up Mt. Tam in Marin County, California, with Meghan Peddicord, Director of Contracts/Legal Affairs, as Team Captain, and Gloria Fan, CFO as lead trekker and top fundraiser.

Others joining the team from CVI were Kevin Guthrie, Executive Vice President in Sales and his entire family- wife, Molly and their four lovely daughters, Ellie, Chloe, Quinn, Grace, and Francisco Ramirez, representing CVI/IT Department.

[See photo below three Guthrie children- Ellie, Quinn and Chloe with CVI Peak Hike tee shirts]


Tara Kott of UCSF, oncology nurse and breast cancer survivor, and Laurel Botsford, of San Rafael Elks Lodge #1108, were invited to join the team as well. Each of them represented their respective organizations.
Together, the three organizations [CVI, Elks and UCSF] raised $4845 in less than a month.

Volunteers for this event included Candace Emmer and Saul Macias of SharedHR. Candace helped with guiding where trash should be deposited and Saul helped direct parking of cars for easy accessibility.

[Photo below of Candace overseeing trash] 3rd-quarter-2016-peak-hike-candace-emmer-sept-25-2016

Breast Cancer Funds’ Mission statement is:
Help us expose and eliminate the environmental causes of Breast Cancer. Together we can stop the disease before it starts.”

Here are comments from a few of the hikers:

Meghan: “This is the third annual breast cancer hike by CVI out of the Northern California offices. Every year, we raise more money than the year before and we always have a blast together on the hike! This has become a wonderful tradition. I look forward to next years’ hike!”

Francisco: “They had awards and announced our company name twice and thanked Corporate Visions for not just fundraising but for participating in the hike as well.

We stayed to listen to some of the great inspiring stories of breast cancer survivors and how the fundraising has helped shape awareness in the chemicals put into products we use daily. How we can use products that are safer for our loved ones and how they hope that companies will continue to voluntarily label the products to help consumers reduce certain chemicals.

It was great to see the passion they had and how they are trying to reach out to help as many people as they can.”

Tara: Many thanks for inviting me to hike with the CVI Team. I enjoyed meeting everyone and being part of such a great group of people!

The Peak Hike was a winner: Easy parking, friendly volunteer staff and sponsors, scenic, well-marked course, excellent catering by Whole Foods after the hike, and a really good presentation re: BCF’s mission after the hike. And, I love my 2 new t-shirts ! Please count me in for next year’s team!

Gloria, thanks for being my hiking partner! Really fun chatting with you. It made the uphill parts so much easier.

Laurel: “Wow, what a day! Setting off from Santos Meadow, the group started the walk all together and we thinned out along the way, until we walked in twos or in small groups, all…the…way…to…the…top… of the ridge. Puff, puff, puff I went, while the others all seemed to float effortlessly up the grade, including Francisco who, however, stayed with me all the way! Redwoods and eucalyptus, beautiful vistas as the forest cleared and wonderful views of both bay and ocean at the half way point. Coming down is always effortless for me and we joined the Corporate Visions group at the finish line where bells greeted each walker who finished. Fantastic Day! Now let’s see how the body feels tomorrow. Look forward to next year!”

For more information on Breast Cancer Fund, a national organization, go to:

Stay tuned for next year’s Peak Hike date and consider joining us!
[By Charlotte Kobayashi]

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