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Employees, Customers and Communities.

Corporate Visions supports our employees’ desire to give back to our community and environment. Power Foundation is a program created to amplify the impact that you can have in your giving, through donations and volunteering. Here you’ll find a number of ways to reach out and make an impact with your environment and others living around the globe.

"What a fabulous organization! Nice job making a difference Team Darien!!!
You rock again!"

− Amy Merrill

"Thank you Joe and CVI for making this happen, truly a unique experience."

− Jake Zimmer

"Thank you CVI for inspiring this movement."

− Mike Finley

"Thanks CVi for being a great place to work!"

− Lisa Cummings

"I’m truly blessed to be part of such an amazing organization. Thank you, Joe, and the whole executive team for giving us such a cool homework assignment!"

− Nicci Hammerel

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4th Quarter 2017 Fu Hong Roxanna -October 9th 2017

Fu Hong Society Hong Kong

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Fu Hong Society, (an organization serving people with intellectual disabilities, psychiatric disabilities and those with autism), organized the sightseeing at Tai Po Waterfront Park on October 9, 2017. Roxanna Yuen…

4th Quarter 2017 Incline Jog-a -thon Sarah

Jog-a-Thon at Incline Village

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On October 13th, 2017, Sarah McMahon volunteered for 6 hours for the annual Jog-a-Thon Fundraiser.  The event raised $35,000 to pay for the physical education and wellness programs at Incline…

3rd Quarter 2017 Oregon Food Bank September 1-2017 Leela-Pete -Fabiana

Oregon Team Supports Their Local Food Bank

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On September 1st, 2017, Leela Newman, Pete Fulford, and Fabiana LaBauve worked on the Oregon Food Bank’s community farm, digging up rows of weeds to clear a new plot for…

4th Quarter 2017 20 quiche for Santa Rosa Victims and first responders 10-14-2017

CVI & Elks & Ukulele Friends Prepare 20 Quiche for Fire Victims

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Since our Breast Cancer Prevention Partners Peak Hike was cancelled, due to poor air quality on Mt. Tam, a group of us decided to put our volunteer time to help…