• Total Donations in 2012 - $41,000

  • Total Donations in 2013 - $73,000

  • 2014 GOAL

Charities Impacted

"What a fabulous organization! Nice job making a difference Team Darien!!!
You rock again!"

− Amy Merrill

"Thank you Joe and CVI for making this happen, truly a unique experience."

− Jake Zimmer

"Thank you CVI for inspiring this movement."

− Mike Finley

"Thanks CVi for being a great place to work!"

− Lisa Cummings

"I’m truly blessed to be part of such an amazing organization. Thank you, Joe, and the whole executive team for giving us such a cool homework assignment!"

− Nicci Hammerel

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Helen Atkinson

UK Volunteer Helps to Protect Wildlife Habitat

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On June 25th, Helen Atkinson from our UK office spent a day volunteering for BBONT (her local Nature Trust). The trust is dedicated to protecting wildlife and maintaining local landscapes…

Veteran Mother and Infant Receive Support

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My husband’s administrative role in a local school district includes interacting with various groups concerned with homelessness and near-homelessness. He received an email blast from Hope for Veterans because they…

Help! Children in Texas

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Tom Pearson did not grow up in a border state, however, has lived in Texas since 1994 and spent stints working with non-profit organizations that serve immigrant families. This recent…

Turning $1 into $100 for Children’s Miracle Network

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When we check out at our local grocery stores, we often hear the same question, “Would you like to donate a dollar to [fill in the blank with any organization…