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  •                                        2016 GOAL - $300,000

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Serving Our
Employees, Customers and Communities.

Corporate Visions supports our employees’ desire to give back to our community and environment. Power Foundation is a program created to amplify the impact that you can have in your giving, through donations and volunteering. Here you’ll find a number of ways to reach out and make an impact with your environment and others living around the globe.

"What a fabulous organization! Nice job making a difference Team Darien!!!
You rock again!"

− Amy Merrill

"Thank you Joe and CVI for making this happen, truly a unique experience."

− Jake Zimmer

"Thank you CVI for inspiring this movement."

− Mike Finley

"Thanks CVi for being a great place to work!"

− Lisa Cummings

"I’m truly blessed to be part of such an amazing organization. Thank you, Joe, and the whole executive team for giving us such a cool homework assignment!"

− Nicci Hammerel

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EMEA Lavender Pond Volunteering day – 11th October 2016

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[Photo above- back row left to right: Steve Sorah, Leo Hanna, and John Orsborne. Front row left to right: Helen Atkinson, Zoe Corbett, and Emma McCarthy] Lavender Pond is a…


Incline Jogathon Saves PE Wellness Program

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5K for Bolivia Life Center Orphans

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Kiko – Amy Merrill’s Adopted Giraffe in Kenya

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For part of Amy Merrill’s Project Manager of the Year award, the CVI employees and Amy are fostering Kiko, an orphaned giraffe at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya….