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2nd Quarter 2017 Lisa, Sabina and Diane at Person to Person April 20-2017

Letter Carriers’ Food Drive

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On April 20th Lisa Slen, Sabina Frison and Diane Frate volunteered at Person-to-Person for their National Association of Letter Carriers’ Food Drive.  This food drive benefits Person-to-Person in stocking their food pantry.

In four hours, they succeeded in bundling/tying/stapling fliers to over 6000 brown grocery bags. They counted and tied more than 60 bundles of 100 bags each.

The Letter Carriers leave a grocery bag in each residence’s mail box, attached with the flyer suggesting groceries the Food Pantry needs.  On May 13th, the groceries are picked up by the carriers.

Last year, P2P provided clients with groceries for 248,010 meals!  The Darien CVI Team is aiming to exceed this!

[by Diane Frate]
2nd Quarter April 19 KAH Volunteer in Pleasanton April 19 2017

6,480 KAH Meals Packed by Bay Area Team!

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On April 19th, sixteen CVI employees – Elena Aranda, Terri Yurkovich, Nina Litvinchuk, Joe Elquez, Kelly Wong, Francisco Ramirez, Jaime Farrar, Mary Rhoades, Steve Jones, Justin Barry, Anthony Reta, Meghan Peddicord, Christian Stephens, Dominic Marquez and Charlotte Kobayashi, volunteered at the Pleasanton Ktotal AH facility.

The Bay Area team packed 6480 meals in 1.5 hours; the highest number of meals packed by CVI team in a session. Total meals packed in 2017 is 31,480 – 14, 000 at Kick Off, 11,000 on March 18th in Corte Madera plus 6480.

Here is the team taking a short break:

KAH April 19 2017 at work Nina Joe E, Elena

[Photo above: from left to right: Nina, Joe E, Jaime, Katie, KAH volunteer, Meghan, Kelly, and Elena]

KAH April 19, 2017 at work Mary Christian Anthony Francisco

[Photo above: left to right- Mary, Christian, Anthony, Joe E, Francisco, and Terri]


Watch for fundraising for KAH coming up soon, in conjunction with cross country bicycle ride by Hugh Bishop.

[By Charlotte Kobayashi]


2nd Quarter 2017 Leela and Fabiana Store to Door in Oregon April 2017

Grocery Shopping for Portland Seniors

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Fabiana LaBauve and Leela Newman joined Store to Door on April 5th to grocery shop for 90+ homebound seniors and people with disabilities and provide them with the groceries, prescription medications, and household items they need.

Grocery shopping is a familiar errand for most people, but many Portland residents are too frail to shop for themselves and rely on Store to Door to provide them with their weekly groceries. Besides providing direct service, Store to Door volunteers interact personally with clients. The agency is in the unique position of having weekly phone contact and visits to the homes of people who often live isolated lives, providing them with much-needed service and support.

[By Leela Newman]



Narada Michael Walden Supports CVI’s Ukulele Project for Kids

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March 8th set the beginning stages to support music in elementary schools – especially providing and teaching 4th and 5th graders to learn to play the Ukulele.

Narada Michael Walden’s foundation provided the instruments and Corporate Visions to raise funds for “Teach the Teacher Ukulele Program” to begin later in 2017.

Narada Michael Walden Producer and Musician at Ukulele Class San Pedro Elem School

See photo above of kids from San Pedro Elementary in San Rafael after playing “Can’t Stop that Feeling in My Bones ” by Justin Timberlake. Narada Michael Walden accompanied with drums. Learn more about Narada’s foundation:

[By Charlotte Kobayashi}

1st Quarter 2017 Mary Pacell- Laura- Michelina Video Project

Ready, Set, Roll by Matt & Alyssa Guido and the Doylestown Team

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[Photo left to right: Laura Vollbrecht, Michelina Jones, Mary Pacell]

The CVI team in Doylestown and videographer, Brad Magnus,  generously donated their time and efforts to make a video highlighting a concept for a high school life skills/education program for low income students called Ready, Set, Roll (RSR). RSR is in the planning stage. It needs grants and funding, thus the need for a video explaining the concept for the program in order to run focus groups and reach out to potential donors to fund it. RSR is intended to be an extension of an existing program: Willowbrook Corner, which currently serves children in grades K-8th.

In recent years, the Willowbrook Corner Task Force has become increasingly aware of the need for a high school program that would encourage students to think beyond high school and provide the opportunity for students to have post-secondary choices. This will be accomplished by offering assistance, not only with school work/grades, but also helping students develop interpersonal skills, and provide opportunity and exposure to experiences and people they otherwise would not easily have access to.

“The video speaks for itself – it is dynamic, engaging and spot-on with what we are trying to convey, both to the students we serve and to our donors to help fund the program.
Thank all of you who worked on this project, the entire creative team from Mary Pacell, Laura Vollbrecht, Justin Barry, Brad Magnus [videographer] .  They took what was little more than a loose outline, focus group questions and a video created by high school volunteers as background, and turned it into something we could never have imagined!

This is the video:

We would not be where we are today in making this very important program a reality without the generous help and support of CVI – we are beyond appreciative. Abundant thanks to a company who shares its people, time, talents and resources to benefit the lives of others!”

Matt and Alyssa March 5-2016
By Matt and Alyssa Guido

1st Quarter 2017 KAH with Larkpur Team and guests March 18

CVI-SF Rotary Partnership Pack 11,000 Meals for KAH

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[Photo above: left to right: Tom and Patti Goepfert; Francisco Ramirez, Charlotte Kobayashi, Teresa and Peter Kwan]

On Saturday, March 18, 2017, Corporate Visions Larkspur Office – Teresa Kwan and Peter her husband, Francisco Ramirez and Charlotte Kobayashi, along with 3 other CVI friends, helped San Francisco Rotary pack 11,000 meals to be shipped to the Philippines.

1st Quarter 2017 KAH in Larkspur Sat. March 18 - Francisco sealing bags

1st Quarter 2017 KAH Sat. March 18 Teresa packing meals

The event was held at Redwood High School gymnasium, sponsored by SF Rotary, the organizer, Ron Gin, who committed to have 100 packers for one and a half hours.

Additionally, CVI invited Laurel Botsford to partner with SF Rotary to share information on Sex Trafficking, the second highest, illegal industry throughout the world. All of California, Denver and Atlanta are some of the hot spots in the United States and Laurel was able to make additional connections with individuals to collaborate with them going forward. It is an extremely serious problem, globally, where young gals and some boys, ages 12-14, are being coerced to enter the world of underground slavery.

[Photo below left to right: Peter Kwan, Francisco, Charlotte, Ron Gin of SF Rotary, Teresa and Laurel Botsford of SharedHope-Sex Trafficking]

1st Quarter 2017 KAH Team with Ron Gin of SF Rotary

[Photo below: Laurel Botsford in white packing, to her right is Patti Goepfert CVI guest]

1st Quarter 2017 KAH March 18 with Laurel Botsford- Patti Goepfert

The reward after packing 11,000 meals was a nice barbecue lunch which the team enjoyed while having extended conversation with Laurel Botsford at her informational table.

Lunch at Information Table

For more information on this highly sensitive topic, please refer to the film Chosen [plus].

[Below photo left is Laurel Botsford, right is Charlotte]

Sherri and Charlotte
For more information on KAH and their schedule, please go to or call: 925-400-7201

[By Charlotte Kobayashi]
Bay Area Human 5K Race May 13th

Bay Area Human 5K Race -Get Ready!

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[Photo above left to right: Molly Schmidt CVNL; Sue Roberts NAMI; Jo Ann Haseltine of Marin Village; Charlotte Kobayashi CVI; and Katelyn Willoughby CVNL]

Members from three organizations attended the workshop to help team leaders for the Bay Area Human Race to create a compelling one-minute messages to attract individuals and companies to take part in fundraising for this Bay Area Human Race. This walk, run, or dog walk takes place on the Marin County Civic Center grounds, circling around the duck and geese pond, with music groups strategically placed on the side of the walking/running path.

Corporate Visions, Inc. will be partnering with San Rafael Elks Lodge 1108 to raise funds for mutually agreed causes i.e. music and music education in elementary schools and two other areas of interest to be finalized in the next few weeks. Selection of causes to fund will fall in line with CVI’s Power Foundation mission — which is to support health, music education and well being of youth & adults.
{By Charlotte Kobayashi]

1st Quarter 2017 Roxanna Hong Kong Volunteer Feb 13

Hong Kong Under the Wishing Tree

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To celebrate the Chinese New Year, on February 13, 2017, Roxanna Yuen in Hong Kong joined an outdoor activity with Fu Hong Society (an organization serving people with intellectual disabilities, psychiatric disabilities or those with autism).
The group went to the famous “Wishing Tree”. Legend has it that if someone gets a bundle of bright red papers caught in its branches, they will be granted a wish. We wrote our wishes on red paper “josses”, the josses are then bundled and tied onto oranges with pieces of string before being thrown onto the Tree. We made a wish to everyone for healthy and happy Year of Rooster.
A student was assigned to Roxanna who is unable to walk and unable to communicate. During the trip, Roxanna sat next to her and took care of her all the way. They had lunch with games and a dance performance. It was a fun day for all.

[By Roxanna Yuen]

Unleash The Power Within

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[Photo above: Sabina Frison on far right]

Sabina Frison had a wonderful experience volunteering at Tony Robbins event on November 10-15th in San Jose. She was part of the crew for the amazing “Unleash The Power Within” event that gathered 10,000 from over 50 countries at the SAP Arena.

“It was one of the most challenging yet exciting and rewarding events I have ever attended!” Every day was 12+ hours with non-stop craziness. She wanted to make sure that her experiences were as versatile as possible; she applied myself in almost every position available – ushering, registration, backstage, sales, etc.

The most rewarding experience as she puts it, was I was helping people with their breakthroughs, witnessing their transformations and feeling all the positive energy. And the best part was meeting Tony Robbins in person and shaking his hand – that is something she will cherish for years to come!

[By Sabina Frison]

CVI Angel Tree Gift Giving 2016

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Corporate Visions’ four offices arranged to participate in Salvation Army’s annual Angel Tree Gift Giving program. Please enjoy the photos from each of the four locations, starting with Doylestown in photo above. Photo taken on December 6th, the day of their holiday party. Joe Terry, Gloria, Lisa Slen and Diane Frate joined in as out of own guests.

Incline Village with Sarah McMahan at Incline Office:

Reno with Whitney Fragoso’s three lovely children:


Pleasanton with Kelly Wong and Mary Rhoades:

Larkspur Angel Tree- Teresa Kwan, Lynn Zambrano and Charlotte Kobayashi