Tahoe to become a leader in Sustainable Living

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Creating a Sustainable Tahoe

Cary Crites has recently partnered with start-up organization Sustainable Tahoe to help cultivate the Lake Tahoe area as a leader on a world stage in GeoTourism, Clean Mobilty, Green Building and Renewable Energy. The organization acts as the bridge between commerce and conservation, using Crites for help in speaking, project management and messaging.

It’s become a bit of a hobby for me,” notes Crites, “there’s been so much advancement in our projects that I take hours each night and much of the weekend to manage and creating proposals. There’s so much potential our area… and it’s a blast bringing it on.”

Cary plans to continue volunteering his time focused on the TahoeExpo in September of 2011, and invites anyone interested to help in the cause for a more sustainable Tahoe. Get more information about the organization here.

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