Incline Jogathon Saves PE Wellness Program

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Physical Education and Wellness Parent Organization is a non-profit started by Sarah McMahan, who is also the current President. The purpose of this organization is to raise funds to support the Physical Education and Wellness programs at Incline public schools as they are no longer receiving district funding. If funds are not raised to employ the PE teacher, Sarah’s boys, who are at the elementary school, would not have a PE program!

Scientific research supports the connection between physical activity and improved brain function and performance. Our goal is create a culture of fitness within our school. We want our students to be healthy and productive participants in their education. A student who is active and fit will be more alert and engaged in the process of learning. This is accomplished though our comprehensive PE program.

On September 30th, the parent organization held a main Jog-a-thon fundraiser and raised $40,000 toward our cause! Sarah was one of the many volunteers who helped make this event a huge success. Kids were challenged to run as many laps as they could in 30 minutes, with prizes awarded to the top female and male runners in each grade.

Attached are a few pictures from the Jog-a-thon:

[Photo of Noah McMahan jogging to raise funds] 4th-quarter-2016-jogathon-noah-mcmahan

[Photo of Josiah McMahan with the girls]


Here is a link where anyone can donate online to support physical education and wellness in Incline Village public schools! Please support to help continue the Incline Elementary School PE and Wellness program.

[By Sarah McMahan]

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