EMEA Lavender Pond Volunteering day – 11th October 2016

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[Photo above- back row left to right: Steve Sorah, Leo Hanna, and John Orsborne. Front row left to right: Helen Atkinson, Zoe Corbett, and Emma McCarthy]

Lavender Pond is a nature reserve in a heavily built up area of South East London. In the local community it provides the opportunity for school children to have the chance to experience nature, learn about habitats and all the animals and creatures that live there, and this is a rare occurrence in an area with such little green space.


Our job as volunteers was to begin building boardwalks to create a safe access route for visitors and create habitats for mini beast (ants, spiders, dragonfly’s etc.).

This is what the boardwalk looked like when we arrived:


We began laying down the sleepers and beams to make it level and secure, which involved pounding down the clay and lots of precise measuring! Then we got to work with securing the boards in place; here it is beginning to take shape:





As we were very hard at work with the boardwalks we didn’t get a chance to begin on the mini beast’s habitat, but we were all very pleased with the results at the end of the day, and very glad that the British weather stayed dry for us!

And,here are the beautiful, hard working ladies of UK!

[By Emma McCarthy]

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