Hong Kong Under the Wishing Tree

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1st Quarter 2017 Roxanna Hong Kong Volunteer Feb 13

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, on February 13, 2017, Roxanna Yuen in Hong Kong joined an outdoor activity with Fu Hong Society (an organization serving people with intellectual disabilities, psychiatric disabilities or those with autism).
The group went to the famous “Wishing Tree”. Legend has it that if someone gets a bundle of bright red papers caught in its branches, they will be granted a wish. We wrote our wishes on red paper “josses”, the josses are then bundled and tied onto oranges with pieces of string before being thrown onto the Tree. We made a wish to everyone for healthy and happy Year of Rooster.
A student was assigned to Roxanna who is unable to walk and unable to communicate. During the trip, Roxanna sat next to her and took care of her all the way. They had lunch with games and a dance performance. It was a fun day for all.

[By Roxanna Yuen]

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